Movie: Insidious chapter 2

What the Hell?   I might as well review movies here.   The world of politics is like watching a bad movie for the last 10 years..( political comments deleted)   ABOUT THE MOVIE.

If you saw the first movie do NOT get chapter 2.   Now it is possible that my FIOS/cable provider simply screwed up and showed me the wrong movie.   They have done that before.   I say this because Insidious Chapter two was the same movie as the first.  No,  Not a lot LIKE it.   THE SAME MOVIE.   It starts the same it ends the same and the same stuff happens all the way through.   I guess I can go down to my local video store and rent it there to compare.   JESUS!  what if is really is just exactly the same movie?

It wasn’t very good the first time.  I am tired of movies where dead people can’t stay dead.    You know any dead people?   You love and dead people??   They STAY DEAD DON’T THEY???

Mine do.


A Christmas Movie with Guns

I usually don’t like movies like I thought this was going to be…. Linda Hamilton as a housewife in Germany at the very end of WW2. Four American soldiers, one seriously wounded, stagger up to her home lost in a blizzard and the forest she lives in with her one surviving child of 12 years old. He wants to join the Hitler youth as soon as the new year turns so he can fight for the Fuhrer and Germany. She has lost her belief in Hitler if she ever had it. Well, I was sure this would be unbearable, but bit by bit I watched it and Surprise!! The writers did a good job…. Yes, it is not “realistic” that four Americans and four lost Germans celebrate Christmas together and all survive…
SO WHAT?! It was enjoyable and a little uplifting. I am not saying to go buy a copy or that it will become your favorite movie but if you see Edith Hamilton in “Silent Night” have no fear… Maybe have a beer if you drink alcohol or just put your doubts and fears about humanity aside for 2 hours. Enjoy it. I won’t tell a soul.

more Kennedy Nonsense

Oh, yes, another silly show on the Kennedy assassination.   If  you get picked to be the “expert” one thing is required.    You have to come up with a different theory.   When they mention the many dust like particles throughout the brain he makes believe they must be parts of the bullet.   They are DUST LIKE pieces and might just as well be pieces of the President’s SKULL.   The pathologist mentions the  wound as a LARGE GAPING DEFECT  showing brain tissue protruding.    This guy drills a clean whole for both the entrance and exit wounds.    This just doesn’t have any contact with reality.

Go look at the pictures and read the descriptions of the autopsy.   Then go back and watch this portion of the show.   Realize this.  IT IS A SHOW.   IT IS A STORY MADE TO ORDER.  IT HAS ALMOST NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRUTH, ONLY TOUCHING IT HERE AND THERE TO GIVE THE IMPRESSION OF TRUTH,

In Texas we have a name for this sort of thing.    Bullshit.

And THAT’S the truth.

Should this blog just go away???

It’s pretty obvious that I stopped doing regular posts here a long time ago. Why? well it is just disgusting to watch somebody like President Obama trying to turn America into some sort of Venezuela Del Norte. He regularly ignores laws passed by Congress, even laws that HE wanted passed. Many businesses are REQUIRED to provide Cadillac insurance to every full term employee?? Just use your magical Presidential powers and say “No you don’t. I, Obama, give you more time.”

Can you IMAGINE another President just IGNORING or publicly saying that whole classes of citizens can just ignore major pieces of legislation?? Of Course not!! Every TV show would be based on the need to remove him from office. If he insisted on continuing in this action he would be SUMMARILY removed, impeached, removed and be lucky if he wasn’t criminally charged. THIS PRESIDENT does such things ALL THE TIME. NOBODY EVEN MENTIONS IT. Why?? Because 80 percent of the people don’t even KNOW what the laws are and what laws he is breaking. What about the rest??

I am going to the first person to say it. THEY ARE DEATHLY AFRAID OF BLACK PEOPLE. Ask them about removing President Obama. They look about furtively. They WHISPER…. “What about….you know….them
????” At a level barely audible. Play dumb and ask “who?” and they will either freak out and hustle quietly away or they will drop their whisper BELOW audible levels, lean close and say “you know… the blacks!!!??!!????” It’s incredibly sad. LOOK at them and in an ordinary maybe a little louder than that say….
“OH !! BLACK PEOPLE???…. WHAT ABOUT TH….” At this point you will notice they are just about out of sight. Skurry skurry skurry like little mice. Try yelling “I THINK BLACK PEOPLE LOVE AMERICA TOOl. DON’T YOU?????”

Folks, if we are living in fear of 17 percent of the population then we better stop calling ourselves men, women or Americans. I invite BLACK PEOPLE to the TEA PARTY MEETINGS. I tell them President Obama is disobeying his own laws and ruining this country. I invite YOU to do the same. NOW. TODAY. DAMMIT !!

“Sleepy Hollow” will put you there….ZZZzzzzzz….

Nicole Beharie is a very talented actress. So talented that Hollywood, in its typical non-sexist sexist way, would insist on calling her an “actor”. Unfortu30nately, this show is in the running for “worst writing in a TV series” — one of the hardest awards to win. I won’t bore you with particular examples. I mean this IS a show about a guy named Ichabod Crane who suddenly appears in town named Sleepy Hollow which is plagued by a Headless Horseman. HOW can ANY plot problem or inconsistency be so bad that it stands out in that kind of setting? I don’t know, but it does. One of two Black sisters is a cop and the other has been in an asylum since childhood because SHE admitted seeing a “demon” in the woods whilst cop-sister did not fess up to it. OK…

Last week asylum sister was still in the asylum, but escaped shortly after being visited by cop sister. UH… I think. Somehow THIS week, however, asylum sister has a long history of various convenient (for the plot) escapades including LIVING IN A CABIN IN THE WOODS WITH THE SHERIFF?? Yes. The Sheriff, who, asylum sister whines… “BELIEVED ME, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE (cop sister)” She apparently did some “freedom fighting in the Sudan” on weekend furloughs from the looney bin, too. Now, in case you are getting confused Cop sister… OBVIOUSLY…”BELIEVED” asylum sister. In fact, the only reason A.S. is mad at C.S. is that she refused to ADMIT what she saw… OK? not whether she BELIEVED A.S. since she SAW the same thing. She (get ready) “COPPED OUT” on her sister…. get it?? COP? COPPED?

Hey!!! Moron!! Isn’t this column supposed to be about POLITICS?? OK. How’s this? Ichabod Crane…the OTHER main character keeps bringing up, along with the supernatural parts of history, the IMAGINARY parts of history. The young Police detective, whose rank he INSISTS on pronouncing LEFT-tenant, is Black. He therefore says that she “must be emancipated” because OF COURSE all Black people in colonial America are slaves, even in New York. Right?? WRONG, idiot writers. Blacks in New York would have been free. In fact, free Blacks in New York actually VOTED FOR THE RATIFICATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. Now that event being only some 15 to 20 years into the future of the past that Mr. Ichabod Crane would have just, from his point of view, just left— this character would have known MANY free Black people in the 17 whatevers. OK? Now, we are going to ignore the way he finds various areas in Sleepy Hollow still preserved from 250 years back, in caves, in basements, behind walls, and/or the fact that the materials and such he finds are ridiculously anachronistic. I don’t care, other than the time wasted, if a show has bad writing. POLITICS DOES MATTER though and this is an example of how the Liberal Left keeps America enslaved mentally. Black Americans are a reliable vote in the Democrat column and SHOULD NOT BE. Black Americans have been until the two most recent generations harder working, more church going and family oriented than many other demographic groups. WHY do they line up in the wrong column so regularly? Because they have been TAUGHT that they OWE the Democrats. They have had it pounded into their minds in school, by their political “leaders” and by the entertainment mind control cabal. WE MUST DEFEAT THEM IN THIS AREA. Forget whether they watch “Fox News”. Why? Because only a very small percentage of any group actually watches news and political debate shows AT ALL. Even those who do rarely spend 20 percent or more of their viewing time on that type of show/production. That is why we must WRITE, PRODUCE and DEMAND entertainment programs that TELL THE TRUTH in the background “facts” and “settings” including the “character commentary” in every show. Start by COMPLAINING ABOUT CRAP like the abovementioned “mistakes”. Identify yourself to sponsors as BLACK when you complain, too. Then, tell them you are not buying their products because they tell lies on these shows. Don’t laugh. It has worked for 60 years for the Dems.

Sorry. Just don’t watch it. Those are hours you won’t get back. Read a book. Or take a shower. SOMETHING else.

Obama Wants to Attack, Putin says “BULL”

For the first time in history President Obama seems to think that his powers are NOT unlimited. Don’t you believe it. Yes, He — Ooops— he has called for Congress to debate the situation and approve military action in advance. When they don’t approve it and I profoundly hope they do not — what will he do? Odds are 80/20 in favor of “Well I asked, but now I have to do it anyway.” If you disagree… Raise your paw.

According to his mini-speech just now it doesn’t matter if we wait a day or a month. If that’s true then why does it matter at all? Putin — and I don’t NORMALLY take announcements from Putin to mean anything real — Putin says that there is compelling evidence that the use of poison gases was actually by the rebel groups who are trying to draw in Western powers on their side. OH?? So show us the evidence, Mr. P. Please. Sunday talk shows are available. I am available. Surely the KGB can find me and you can give me a phone call. As a candidate for the Republican primary who has no background in anything and whose foreign experience is an hour walk across the El Paso bridge as El Paso when I was 14 years old — I can use the boost. Just give me a phone call, Mr. Putin. I don’t like you and I don’t trust you, but consider this:

I don’t like or trust President Obama either.


Did you like the title? It was originally PUT ME ON THE BALLOT, but SEND THE MORON TO CONGRESS sounds better, no? Notice, not A MORON. We have plenty of those. THE MORON. That’s me.

Hello, readers. Yes, BOTH of you. I am the owner of Moronpolitics dot com. Some of my posts in the past — let me say this right away — were intended as humor, satire or just blowing off steam. Not most of them, but occasionally when I was staying up late or just in a strange mood or really upset about something I let my fingers go nuts. I didn’t worry about it, but now I will not be doing that any more. Why??? Because I want you to put me on the Republican ballot for Congress. I have NO money and believe I have about as much chance of winning as I do of hitting the lottery. In other words, less than 1 percent of the chance I have of dying from a lightning strike. That doesn’t mean this is a joke. Far from it. I have been a Republican my entire life. The Republican party is in severe trouble. I will be talking about this a lot in the future. This week I will tell you the district in which I want to be nominated.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Stephen Boone. I live in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. For a quick survey of my political view you can go to Bing or Google and search for Letters to the Editor, Dallas Morning News and my name. I have been published in that paper about 18 to 20 times over the last 30 years and most of those letters were about political and social issues. I might even go collect those letters myself and make them available here on this blog. THOSE LETTERS are NOT jokes. I meant each and every one of them. I also encourage YOU, dear reader, to write to YOUR newspaper’s letters section and SPEAK UP. People that say it is impossible to make a difference are one of two things. They are either Ignorant or Lazy. Either way they are wrong. A brief lesson and I will sign off for the day. Oh, I do sometimes put advertisements on this page but in the last two years I have not made enough money for google to send me a check. I have earned less than eight dollars and they don’t cut you a check until you hit 10 or 15 bucks. SO….. if you want to click and advert…. go ahead. Is it a contribution to my campaign? HA HA HA NO. If you WANT to contribute or help or get on a mailing list, well first I need somebody that knows how to PUT people on a mailing list, or an EMAIL- ING list I suppose. I certainly don’t have money for postage. After I get to Congress some of that is free. Why? Well, campaign mailing are NOT free, but why do you think a Congressman/woman/dog sends people mail except to keep you voting? Now, for today’s lesson.

Do you know what a “Lawn Dart” is?? Maybe not and if not there is a good reason. About 30 years ago a fellow was playing with his Lawn Darts. They were a pretty cool game, but I never owned one as a kid back in the sixties. The game had two sets of Darts which were plastic darts about a foot long with a heavy metal center and tip. You laid the “Target” out on your lawn, hence the name. It was just a plastic hoop about 18 to 24 inches in diameter as I remember, but you could use something else as a target. Each player using an under handed motion throws his/her (I’m going to stop doing that later, really.) darts way, way up into the sky so it comes down and THUNK!! sticks into the ground, hopefully inside the target. Scoring — I never read the instructions, but it was probably similar to Horse Shoes, Washers, Pitching Pennies (WOW! that was a long time ago) or a thousand other games. Remember the THUNK!! ?? Like I said the darts had a heavy metal tip and were weighted so they came down point first and with some authority. Unless you were never a young man AKA boy, teenager, or something similar you can figure out that some people were going to sharpen those tips, but as the darts came the tip was just a metal rod tip about 3/8 or 1/2 inch across. You need not sharpen them to make them stick in the ground; they worked fine as shipped.

What does this have to do with politics or morons??? Well, enter David Snow. I believe HE did it, but officially he blamed one of his sons or his son’s friends. However it happened, David Snow’s daughter seven year old Michelle Snow was out playing in the same area as some older people were playing with Lawn Darts. Now, I don’t believe there is any record of anybody else EVER being killed with Lawn Darts, but unfortunately Michelle Snow ran out, we assume, to quickly while the darts were being thrown, got his in the head by one of the darts and later died from the blow. I don’t know if they failed to get her to the ER right away or if the doctors failed to diagnose her condition properly or what exactly happened but we know one thing for sure. Little Michelle died and that was a tragedy. David Snow began a campaign that included endless harassing and complaining until they limited sales of Lawn Darts to adults and then, BANNED LAWN DARTS FROM BEING SOLD IN THE UNITED STATES. That’s right. One man, but just working his ass off managed to get a harmless and popular game completely banned in the entire country for more than ten years. You CAN buy them again, but that’s not the point. The point of this lesson is BITCHING AND COMPLAINING AND WORKING YOUR ASS OFF WORKS. So…. DO IT!! You can start by investigating this Stephen Boone guy and finding out if he might be worth supporting. Have a nice life. On down the road.

The Al Quadaa President

How can people criticize President Obama and say he has no major accomplishments in foreign policy? When he was elected Al Qaedaa was demanding that we leave Iraq and Afghanistan, close down our embassies and basically completely leave the Middle East. Finally, they demanded we close Guantanamo. We are still in the process of getting out of Afghanistan, but if the Republicans controlling the House would just vote the funding to close Guantanamo ALL of these marching orders should be completely obeyed by next year at the latest. In fact, he has expressed his desire to go beyond those demands and close not just the prison at Guantanamo, but to close the Naval base completely and “give it back” to Cuba



I am absolutely serious when I tell Mr. Zimmerman to run. This is America in the 21st century. People live in one world with their bodies, called reality. The country lives in another, fantasy world, on TV and the other media. We will be subjected now to endless lies about how “poor little Trey”, a fantasy himself, was killed unjustly.

The truth is that the kid, the young man, who got shot was NOT the 8 year old or the 12 year old that we kept seeing pictures of on TV. NOBODY, certainly not me, is glad that Treyvon Martin — the REAL PERSON — was shot dead. I believe that George Zimmerman was not glad that he died. The truth is that when you are FORCED to shoot someone you can’t hit them in the hand, knocking the gun or knife or the Arizona Ice Tea out of his hand. You just point in the general direction and shoot. YOU are NOT the Lone Ranger. Treyvon Martin was not and George Zimmerman is not the devil either. The families on both sides KNOW that. The parents of TM know, when the cameras are gone, that they lost control of that cute little boy we saw in the pictures. MOST if not all of us do. They grow up and young males, human, lions, bulls, whatever are the most violent and aggressive members of their species and society.

However, we need to face facts. REAL FACTS. Treyvon did NOT grow up in some imaginary society where being black meant he couldn’t expect “justice” or needed to be “afraid to call police”. When Treyvon was 11, ELEVEN YEARS OLD, SIX YEARS AGO a “Black” President was elected. His parents were not poor, not even close to it. He had “advantages”. He was, in fact, someone who could have, who SHOULD HAVE, gone on to be a succesful person. He did not have to attack Mr. Zimmerman that night. Nevertheless, the system will crucify Mr. Zimmerman on his behalf. WATCH.

Now, the rest of us can watch. HE NEEDS TO RUN. RUN. Disguise yourself as another protected member of society. An illegal alien. Then run to Mexico and from Mexico go to another country. GO NOW. NOW. TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE.

He May be the President, but he is NOT my LEADER

When America collapses or at least becomes a minor player on the world stage there will be many causes. Unlike the proverb, in reality failure has many fathers. President Obama will be one of the few who actively sought the end result those of us with a brain see as tragic, not just for America and Americans, but for the world. Some of the others will be those responsible for guiding the great democracy, the talking heads on TV and the invisible mouths on talk radio. Fifty or 100 years ago, I wonder who was the equivalent, but that is idle speculation. NOW, the people that guide the hand of the people, that drive them into the car and bus and train and to walk down to their local schools or rec. center to punch cards, fill in dots or touch computer screens are not just the Karl Roves and Terry MacAuliffes. Yes, Obama’s election partly and his re-election overwhelmingly was programmed into the majority of Voters under 50 by the invisible brain programming of Google and Politico and the laughingly named “Fact Check” websites, but there were still those “pundits” that many believe to be what the name means, well informed experts on the subjects they discuss day after day and night after night.

Unfortunately, they are not only less and less “expert” the ones on the right don’t even seem to understand what they are supposed to believe. In fact, their “beliefs” are increasingly a mixture of what the left TELLS them they are supposed to believe and the positions that are poorly thought out conclusions following the “domino logic” and other examples of NOT-THINK. The existence of similar words or phrases in adjacent sentences does NOT indicate a logical sequence is being followed. That is how the game of dominoes works, where a six on one tile allows you to follow that with any other tile containing a six. LOGICAL THINKING requires a bit more. Recently, these idiotic conclusions along with the decisions of TRUE IDIOTS such as Senator McCain and, I guess, a mixed up feeling of “patriotism” has the right supporting the actions of President Obama.
NO NO NO. For God’s Sake, THINK. THINK. That’s NOT what this is.

Conservatives supported Bush in Iraq, therefore they support military actions by the USA. Oh REALLY?? So, if Obama swept into Mexico next week and took over their oil fields and announced that we would be dividing the country into seven American Territories that would gradually be added to the union as states….WOULD THEY SUPPORT THAT?? I honestly think they would. After all, it fits the New York Times and ABC,CBS,NBC version of Republican/Conservative ideals. You can’t argue with THAT, can you? To see the difference, between Bush in Iraq and Obama in Northern Africa just review the results and the time frame. Iraq took years of the Iraqi’s being brought together, all parts of the population gradually becoming more involved as the wrote laws, a constitution, voted on it, and ran elections with increasing proportions of the population participating. Even with President Obama’s failure to negotiate a new status of forces agreement — HIS failure, failing the people of Iraq that we worked so long and hard WITH THEM, helping them to build a democracy, Why? just so he could claim a phony victory by marching our forces out of Iraq but, you know what? There is STILL a more stable structure there than the nightmare that follows Obama’s quickee elections, most recently displayed in Egypt and soon to be his final horror, losing Afghanistan to either the Taliban or the Russians.

Well, I can. Can you? If so, can you see how the support of the Moslem Brotherhood by Obama is something we should be out in front of the Whitehouse SCREAMING AGAINST and our “leaders” should be opposing in front of the TV cameras? Every time our new Fuhrer lands at an airport we, that US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, should be standing there with signs and slogans. “The basis of politics is in the street.”